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Oak Tree Room

Beds | Twin

Named for the old Oak tree that it looks onto, this twin-bedded room houses a rare and complete set of "The Historian's History of the World" in its original book case. A red Afghan, a salmon pink Turkaman and a turn of the century Bakhtiari carpet adorn the floor. A signed sketch of the holy Arunachalam hill by Sri Ramana Maharishi above the desk as well as his photograph complete the restrained decor of this space.


Beds | Double

This double room faces the Tara Devi mountain. Home to some lovely furniture including an antique four poster and a carved wooden settee. This room also houses some framed woodcuts, an Ersari Filpaya carpet, a really lovely Khotan and an Afghan carpet. The two table lamps are a converted kerosene burner and antique Oriya brass diya fitted for electricity.

Forest room

Beds | Twin

This twin-bedded room has a view of the reserved forest adjoining the property. Decorated in shades of pink and green, the artwork in the room includes six original 19th century watercolours painted by Dr. Gertrude Darnley, the surgeon who delivered the current owner of Sunnymead.

This room also displays fine objet d'art including several Cloissone pieces. Amongst them is a French Cloissonne vase of exceptionally luminous though somewhat battered enamel, three antique chain stitch and petit point rugs and an old Qashgai Shiraz carpet.

the bay window

Beds | Single

This single room overlooking the oak and rhododendron forest has the flavour of a secret hideaway. Decorated in shades of yellow, this warm cheerful room has two exceptionally lovely carpets-a Kilim and a rather special cotton Agra Jail.